Whiterock Studio

Artist Statement: Joe Rock Edwards


Sensuality and the feminine role in society juxtaposed with the natural and unnatural world build monuments to beauty. Through the ebb and flow of the brain's hemispheres, I interpret the female form using harmonious balance of shape. Each work aims to inspire visual poetry through process of logical development. I want to create a common bond between the art piece and observer. Human anatomy is the most perfect of machines. Study of importance changes with every new sculpture. Each form finds a new boundary of beauty. I sculpt the female using expressive techniques and then refine the parts of the piece that seem most important. The necessity of abstraction is not to define a precise meaning but let the viewer simply interpret the art for themselves.


Painted Ladies

Joe "Rock" Edwards was born in Kinston, NC. He won the Hyatt Memorial Scholarship at 18 and chose East Carolina University to study Fine Art. During his stay he took a sabbatical to study art in Europe . Graduating in 1972 with an AA in Commercial Art, BA in Art Education and Minor in Psychology, he then began immediately teaching art with the public school system in Mecklenburg County, NC.


Joe was introduced to his wife Linda White in 1982. Together they founded Whiterock Studio in 1985. From company birth until 1997 they sold over $5 million in hand crafted, sculpture designs to shops and galleries across the nation. Along with his love of sculpture, Joe and Linda continue sharing their love of art with students at their studio in Matthews.  With more than 30 years experience in clay and a love for the fine arts, Joe has chosen to focus his own art concentrating on anatomy and specializing in differently rendering the female torso.

Historic Downtown Matthews



224 South Trade Street

Matthews, NC  28105