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Each angel is an original and is hand-sculpted using low-fire white earthenware clay. Thousands of Whiterock Angels are out there in the world. In the 1990's, Crackerbarrel sold them all over the country. Now, years later, the angels once again make their appearance. Each angel boy or girl has its own personality, look, and hair style. To order your own angel, just email us at joe@whiterockartstudio.com.


See the many ways you can arrange these angels in your own display. Watch the YouTube slide show illustrating the many different personalities. Be careful. You will become attached to them. When you place your order, you cannot pick the one you want out of the pictures above as these are already spoken for. Order your own angel by emailing us at Whiterock Studio.



Angels are $12 each. Please specify boy or girl angels.

Assortment of 6 angels: $72.00



Whiterock Nativity Scenes are sculpted using low-fire white earthenware. Each figure or animal is a hand-sculpted original. Figures can be painted or be in white with only face and hair painted. Animals are painted in earth-tone colors. This simple approach to color lets the beauty of the individual figure be seen.


Order your Nativity for Christmas now as it takes a while to develop each Nativity. Price depends on the number of figures desired.


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