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Work at your own pace.

Students enjoy the opportunity to slow down, relax and get into their creative space.  Children take the opportunity to choose what they want to do and make design decisions during every stage of their sculpture.  They work at their own pace instead of the hurried schedule they encounter in school.


Adults have the opportunity to learn a new skill or hobby or simply use their time in class to unwind and create enjoying the shift from work to art.

Clay sculpture classes for children and adults involve planning, creating, and painting/glazing sculptures.


Using a variety of resources ranging from models, books, and image references enable young sculptors to learn more than they realize while researching and making their sculptures. They learn about the anatomy and/or structure of their subject and the medium of clay, the stages in the sculpting, drying and firing their projects.



Painting their sculptures using acrylic paint and stains gives the students the opportunity to learn about color and painting techniques.  Projects can be glazed but glazes are not included in the tuition. Glazes can be purchased at Carolina Clay Connection in Charlotte and we will fire the glazed sculpture/pottery.

Our library of art reference and instructional books

Enjoy the process and feel the accomplishment.  You are so talented!



About Classes

Classes are ongoing and students can start any time for their six week session.  If a student has to miss a class, it doesn’t count toward the 6 classes but we ask that all classes are completed within a reasonable amount of time.  Students can take multiple sessions.  Serious art students often take classes for years and submit their work in competitions and/or add to their portfolio to get into college art programs.


Class size averages between 5 and 10 students per class.  Students who have been taking classes for a while independently get their projects and tools and begin working.  New students need more direction until they know what to do and where supplies/tools are located.  Patience is required as we go from one student to another, and children learn to share not only tools, supplies, and books but also time.





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