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Joe Rock Edwards

Artist in Residence

Visiting Artist in Schools


Joe can be scheduled to come to your school and create works of art with your students. Projects can be done by each student or Joe can create a Legacy Project with students watching that will be on display in your school for years to come. Learn how a professional artist creates art.



Joe Rock Edwards, professional production sculptor, uses innovative hand building clay sculpture techniques and tools to teach students how to create works of art in clay.


Joe taught art and drama in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School system for 15 years before starting Whiterock Studio where he and his staff of artists designed, manufactured, and sold original sculpture internationally for 12 years.


Joe focuses on commissions for private collections and exhibits his work at art galleries and art shows. He has taught classes/workshops for the last two decades all over the state to garden clubs, art leagues, gallery patrons, teacher renewal workshops, and public/private/parochial school classes.


Using Joe’s techniques, students can create professional quality sculptures in one class period. Projects can be aesthetic or utilitarian. Depending on the age and interest of your students, projects can include the following: Sun faces, fish, frogs, rabbits, pigs, cats, horses, figures, seasonal sculptures, and hand-built pots. Notes: 30-minute videos/DVDs produced by Joe on the Claywright Workshop are available for the topics listed above.

Claywright Workshop 30-minute How to Sculpt DVDs


Joe is the host and producer of the Claywright Workshop, an educational television program produced and shown through TVAccess21 in Charlotte, North Carolina.


LEGACY PROJECTS: Birdhouse Castle for Lynwood Road Elementary School

Lynn Road Castle

Joe's Model

See the castle as it is built.

Steps inside.

Legacy Project: Otter for Oak Grove Elementary

Fish made at elementary schools

One Fish

Creative students make their own designs.

Student makes a sunface.


Teachers and Joe design projects appropriate for age and ability levels of students.

Joe Rock with Fish

Fish can be any color

Clayton High School Student's Fish

Piggy Banks: Encourage Saving

Piggy Banks: Encourage Saving

Masks are fun to make.

Claywright Workshop TV


See Joe Rock Edwards on Public Access 21 in Charlotte, NC every 2nd and 4th Saturday at 7 PM.


Available DVDs can be used before school events to prepare students for their art experience!


$19.95 Each


Programs DVDs


  1  Angels I

  2  Angels II

  3  Joe's Angels

  4  Art Frames

  5  Bird House I

  6  Bird House II

  7  Blue Moon

  8  Body Geometry

  9  Carousel Horse I and II

10  Carousel Horse III & IV

11  Catfish

12  Cats

13  Chicken Pot

14  Christmas Ornament

15  Christmas Tree

16  Coil Built Pottery

17  Dork

18  Dragons

19  Elephants I

20  Elephants II

21  Face Pot I

22  Face Pot II

23  Fairy Pot

24  Figure Study I

25  Figure Study II

26  Fish Video

27  Frogs

28  Garden Pots I

29  Garden Pots II

30  Giraffe

31  Greenman

32  Halloween

33  Horse Pot I

34  Horse Pot II

35  Otters I

36  Otters II

37  Piggy Bank

38  Portrait Sculpture I

39  Portrait Sculpture II

40  Portrait Sculpture III

41  Rabbits

42  Slab Built Pottery

43  Sunface

44  Turkeys

45  Turtles

46  Wheel Throwing I

47  Wheel ThrowingII

48  Wheel Throwing/Jenny Hargrave

49  Woos I with Richard Marshall

50  Woos II with Richard Marshall



See Joe on YouTube




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