Whiterock Studio

Historic Matthews, NC

On-Going Classes In Drawing & Painting

Home School:  1 to 3 PM Thursdays

After School:   4 to 6 PM Thursdays

Cost: $95 for six (6) two (2) hour classes.





About Classes


Classes are designed for people who learn in different ways. Unlike the public school system, the focus is drawing and building drawing skills. Classes are small and Joe is able to tailor his instruction to the needs of the student. Students can go as far as they want without being held back by their classmates.



Many high schools students come to Whiterock to build their portfolios for college admissions. Former students have completed art/design degrees from Appalachian State, East Carolina University, University of NC at Chapel Hill, and NC State University.





Students draw with H and B pencils, charcoal sticks, conte crayons, crayons, and ink pens. Colored pencils, watercolor pencils, permanent and water based markers and watercolor and acrylic paint are used depending on the project and interest of the student. We always have backup supplies so students can experiment with what we have and get what they want on their own.  Drawing pads also vary depending on the size and type of paper the student prefers.

Single Sessions or New Groups


One class or a session of classes can be arranged for Home Schoolers, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Church Groups, and Indian Guides. Schedule a Birthday Party and make art projects.


Home School Class: 1 to 3 on Thursday

Drawing and Painting Classes

Whiterock Studio

Historic  Downtown Matthews

Whiterock Studio

224 S Trade Street

Matthews, NC  28105